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Other movies you can see on August 22/24:

  • American Pie 2 (opens August 10th)
  • Rush Hour 2 (opens August 3rd)
  • Americas Sweethearts (opens July 20th)
  • Planet of the Apes (opens July 28, 2001)
  • Original Sin (opens August 3rd)
  • Osmosis Jones (opens August 10th)
  • Bubble Boy (opens August 24th)
  • Summer Catch (opens August 24th)

Don't just take my word for it: Watch the trailers and see how bad the movie is yourself:

The Second Internet Only Trailer

The First Internet Only Trailer

The Official Theatrical Trailer

Visit these sites and tell them how bad they suck: These are Kevin Smith's official websites where he dishes out his information and his legions of fans eat it up with a big spoon. Visit these sites and let them know what you really think. Let Kevin and his fans know that there are people who think his movies are shit!

View Askew - Kevin's official site

News Askew - Kevin's official news site

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash - Kevin's online store

Movie Poop Shoot - Website used in the film to make fun of us Internet users and Internet movie critics.

About This Site

Strike Back Against Jay and Silent Bob

Welcome to The Official Strike back Against Jay and Silent Bob Website. I put up this site mainly because I couldn't stand to see such a mediocre director like Kevin Smith get lauded with so much praise in a world where directors like Stephen Speilberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott and the late Stanley Kubrick existed. In an effort to promote high quality films, I have embarked on a crusade of my own to speak out against directors and filmmakers who clearly don't put any effort into their films and rest on their laurels are their so called 'breakout films' - Kevin's being 'Clerks.'

I'll admit that i used to be a fan of 'Clerks'. Back when I saw it on video in 1995 - I though the crude humor and raw edge was refreshing and I even recommended it to a few friends. I identified with the two main characters Dante and Randel because at the time I was working at a fast-food joint and many times wanted to spit in the food of the customers that annoyed me - just as Randel did in the movie. I EVEN thought Jay and Silent Bob were funny in the movie - I felt they worked because they were minor characters and their occasional antics broke up the slow points in the movie. The Mallrats came out (I didn't see it in the theater like most people) and Jay and Silent Bob were back again - this time as totally unneccessart characters who lost their edge and beacame slapsticky minstrels. No wonder it bombed so bad at the box office. I was relieved to see that such a bad follow-up to a good film did not go unnoticed and I thought that was the end of that for Kevin Smith (and rightfully so). Then in 1997 Kevin came back and made the godawful 'Chasiny Amy.' Nevermind that the story and plot were unplausible (a threesome at the end??) and that the acting was downright bad (ie Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams), but who made a return at the end - none other Jay and Silent Bob. It was when I saw the praise kevin Smith received for this movie that I beagn to see that something had to be done about it. Someone had to speak out. I don't think I have to tell you how awful 'Dogma' was - especially so since the two stars of the movie were - right again - Jay and Silent Bob.

I decided to go public with my viewpoints because I felt that there were others out there like me - movie goers and film critics that saw as I did but didn't have a medium to speak out or a forum where they could meet other people who felt like they did. Thus I felt it was my duty to start this website and reach out to the world of moviegoers who appreciate quality, hard work and effort in their films. My second beef with kevin Smith is the subject of his next movie. Due in theaters on August 22, 2001 - Kevin's next movie 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' brings back for a FIFTH time the stoned duo who appear in all of his films. Not for nothing but I think I got the message the first time Mr. Smih - that stoned people and brainless drug dealers are funny. But not THAT funny. And certainly not funny enough to bring them back FIVE TIMES IN A ROW. Seriously though this is unprecendented and it pains me to see Kevin Smith's legion of mindless followers eat it up hook-line and sinker. Let me repeat that to you again - they were the stars of FIVE consecutive movies. And Hollywood is paying millions of dollars to this. Millions that could be spent on a much better picture from a much better director. Seriously - think about that for a second. those millions that Miramax and Dimension films are pouring into such crap as 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' and 'Dogma' could be used to make their next Oscar winner. Instead I fear that films such as these are pushing the greater films onto the backburner and serious film goers such as you and I are missing out on real quality films.

Instead we get a film about a silent fat guy and a non-stop crude blabbermouth of a drug dealer making fun of us serious film-goers and internet users. If you haven't heard about the plot of the movie yet - it mainly revolves around Jay and Silent Bob getting revenge on Holloywood and Internet movie reviewers in general (of which I am a part of having submitted a few movie reviews to Dark Horizons and reviewing movies via usenet news back in the day). How ironic is it that Jay and Silent Bob and Kevin Smith are going after Hollywood when it SHOULD be vice-versa.

And what is Kevin's beef with Internet film reviewers anyway? Might I remind him that without people like us who aren't afraid to tell the TRUTH about how we felt about a movie - that films like 'Batman Forever' and 'Episode I: The Phantom Menace' just might have gone on to gross even MORE money at the box office. That without people like us speaking our minds through an easily accessible forum - that movies like 'X-Men' and the upcoming 'Spider Man' might not have come out as well as they did and that had they NOT listened to us - they might have pumped out the same low quality drivel that Hollywood used to produce before people like us - people who werent afraid to speak their minds came about.

So I now ask any of you out there who feel the same way I do - that Hollywood should start making quality films - to stand up with me and my crusade and speak out loudly as one unified group. Power in numbers. And our first step is to STRIKE BACK - STRIKE BACK AGAINST JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK.

Comments? Questions about the cause? Please e-mail me at: jsbsuck@jayandsilentbobstrikeback.com