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Other movies you can see on August 22/24:

  • American Pie 2 (opens August 10th)
  • Rush Hour 2 (opens August 3rd)
  • Americas Sweethearts (opens July 20th)
  • Planet of the Apes (opens July 28, 2001)
  • Original Sin (opens August 3rd)
  • Osmosis Jones (opens August 10th)
  • Bubble Boy (opens August 24th)
  • Summer Catch (opens August 24th)

Don't just take my word for it: Watch the trailers and see how bad the movie is yourself:

The Second Internet Only Trailer

The First Internet Only Trailer

The Official Theatrical Trailer

Visit these sites and tell them how bad they suck: These are Kevin Smith's official websites where he dishes out his information and his legions of fans eat it up with a big spoon. Visit these sites and let them know what you really think. Let Kevin and his fans know that there are people who think his movies are shit!

View Askew - Kevin's official site

News Askew - Kevin's official news site

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash - Kevin's online store

Movie Poop Shoot - Website used in the film to make fun of us Internet users and Internet movie critics.

About Me

Who the hell am I do you ask? Find out right here!!

Name: Chris Sporleder

Location: Rochester, NY

E-Mail: jsbsuck@jayandsilentbobstrikeback.com

Favorite Movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Goodfellas, A Clockwork Orange, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Gladiator, Alien, Aliens, Close Encounters, Forrest Gump, Dark City, Almost Famous, The Sixth Sense.

Why I Started This Website: I covered most of it in the About section - but I was watching Braveheart a couple years back and then I got dragged to a showing of 'Dogma' when it came out. I had hated 'Chasing Amy' and was very disappointed with 'Mallrats' after seeing 'Clerks'. I also had enough of those two wisecracking snoochie boochie guys, Jay and Silent Bob. After walking out of the theater 8 bucks short and disgusted once again, I remmebered to when I was watching Braveheart earlier in the day and thinking what a great movie it was and how sad it was that Hollywood was pouring tens of millions of dollars into movies like the ones Kevin Smith made. hat's when I started thinking that if we could get enough people to stand up against mediocre filmmakers who time and time again abuse their status in Hollywood to make crappy movies - that our voice might just be heard and all that wasted money could be poured into Speilberg/Lucas/Scorcese/Scott calibre productions instead of the one's that kevin has churned out. I targeted Kevin especially because he has exemplified a man who clearly abuses his high status in Hollywood by putting the same characters in ALL OF HIS MOVIES!! Like once wasn't enough. It's shameful and a disgrace to real filmmakers everywhere.

Around the same time as I was having these thoughts - a friend of mine was teaching me about the web and writing html. Upon further though and realizing that I wasn't the only serious film goer out there - i decided to set up a website deicded to find those peole who felt that Kevin Smith was a disgrace to Hollywood - band them together to form a sizeable group and to send Kevin Smith a message. That his brand of movies are not tolerated by the serious film goer. I soon realized that things like writing letters and the like were useless. That the only way to stop something like this is to hit them where it hurts - the wallet.

I chose especially chose 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike back' to 'strike back' against because it also rails against something I love doing dearly - reviewing movies and giving people honest reviews about film - unlike the type or drivel you find on sponsored Hollywood film sites and media outlets. Big surprise to see that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back has a lot which deals with internet reviewers and getting back at THEM. Sounds like someone has a unresolved grudge and chooses to take it out like a coward on film where he thinks nobody can harm him. So I ask anyone who feels the slightest bit like I do - join the mailing list - visit the site for updates and help me send a message to Kevin Smith by Striking Back at Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.

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Comments? Questions about the cause? Please e-mail me at: jsbsuck@jayandsilentbobstrikeback.com