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Other movies you can see on August 22/24:

  • American Pie 2 (opens August 10th)
  • Rush Hour 2 (opens August 3rd)
  • Americas Sweethearts (opens July 20th)
  • Planet of the Apes (opens July 28, 2001)
  • Original Sin (opens August 3rd)
  • Osmosis Jones (opens August 10th)
  • Bubble Boy (opens August 24th)
  • Summer Catch (opens August 24th)

Don't just take my word for it: Watch the trailers and see how bad the movie is yourself:

The Second Internet Only Trailer

The First Internet Only Trailer

The Official Theatrical Trailer

Visit these sites and tell them how bad they suck: These are Kevin Smith's official websites where he dishes out his information and his legions of fans eat it up with a big spoon. Visit these sites and let them know what you really think. Let Kevin and his fans know that there are people who think his movies are shit!

View Askew - Kevin's official site

News Askew - Kevin's official news site

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash - Kevin's online store

Movie Poop Shoot - Website used in the film to make fun of us Internet users and Internet movie critics.

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